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Get Rebates for Boiler and Control Upgrades

Everyone has purchased something with an irresistible mail in rebate.  Sometimes that product is even free after the rebate. Yet, the Wall Street Journal has estimated that about 40% of mail-in rebates are not redeemed. Many sources say that the number is well over 50%.  According to the research done by the Wall Street Journal and others, many people forget Read More

Commercial Heating Controls go Mobile

For HVAC professionals considering a commercial heating control solution for an apartment complex, school, office building or other multi-dwelling structure, there are several considerations. Control Features – This is a technical assessment of how well the control will handle the different boiler types, mechanical room configuration, what adjustments and monitoring points does it allow, and how efficiently will it really Read More

Top 4 Green Trends for Commercial Heating Systems in 2020

The skyrocketing cost of energy, coupled with advanced developments in heating and cooling technology, means that being “green” may refer to the color of money, as much as the environment. The government is involved too, setting and updating energy efficiency standards at both the state and federal level. All these changes conspire to create an ecosystem in 2020 that is Read More

The Real Cost of Heating Controls

According to a new report from Pacific Northwest Group, the average commercial building spends over 50% of its energy costs on HVAC. And in the cooler northern areas of the country, most of that is certainly related to heating costs. Depending on the size of your facility, this can be thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of dollars every Read More