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The Advantages of using just one Boiler Control Supplier.

For technicians working at Mechanical Services and HVAC companies, modern boiler systems represent a complex web of old and new technology, particularly the steam boilers that power almost 83% of NYC buildings. To install a modern heating control like one of our Heat-Timer® Platinum Series Controls, a boiler technician has to understand a few things. Like how a controller connects to burner controls that may have been developed decades ago, while also being able to install modern wireless equipment developed more recently.  For many HVAC techs, these programming elements represent a challenge in both time and complexity on the job site.

An experienced professional can take a long time to configure and optimize an unfamiliar boiler controller. That is learning time that the contractor or building manager is paying for. If that heating control is rarely encountered, then re-learning needs to take place every season. We have seen these controls left in various states of programming where they are not fully optimized due to the complexity of figuring everything out on a strange control while the clock is ticking… An improperly configured control is just leaving money on the table and putting an unnecessary service call in your future.

Use Heat Timer Controls for all Your Clients – They save and You Save.

With the introduction of Heat-Timer® Genesis in 2022, there is no longer any reason to consider standardizing boiler control installation around any other manufacturer. We now cover small multi-family buildings and large ones in an economical way. If you are going to have your techs become experts in one control, why wouldn’t it be the most sophisticated, highest energy saving boiler control in the world?  Perhaps the most important benefit of standardizing your boiler automation systems around Heat-Timer® products, may be economic. Heat-Timer® self-learning controls can save as much as 30% on energy costs.  That’s because our advanced boiler management software “learns” the unique heating characteristics of your building, its hot spots and cold spots, and can anticipate how to get acceptable comfort, for the least amount of fuel.

Heat-Timer® has a controller for every configuration found in a building. 

It doesn’t help to select a single heating controller supplier if they don’t cover all the bases or just cover them a little.  Whether maintaining one or a hundred systems, a building manager needs a control that can handle all the possible steam or hot water configurations within their buildings. You need centralized management of multiple boilers, multiple boiler rooms, in multiple buildings. Heat-Timer Internet Controls and Long Range Wireless Sensors were designed for this purpose.

Stay in the Heat-Timer Family

In addition to the boiler controllers, Heat-Timer® also manufactures electronic tempering valves, tempering stations and much more.

Heat-Timer® provides consultation and training for any HVAC companies and technicians looking to standardize around our products.  Call us today.