Heat-Timer® Corporation

The Future of Heating Controls is AI

With the US currently leading the world in AI, and spending trillions of dollars through private investment, it was just a matter of time before AI found its way into the  Building and Energy Management systems responsible for HVAC control.

That’s also because In the Internet of Things (IOT), the things are getting much smarter.

Today’s sensors are smaller, more accurate, measure more things, and consume less power than your grandma’s heating sensors. They’re also wireless, allowing placement in buildings where running complex wiring was a non-starter. Couple sophisticated sensor data with smart control algorithms that can coordinate the actions of dozens of boilers and valves across multiple boiler rooms, buildings and campus’ and you have a system that is crying out for the kind of intelligence only AI technology can bring.

The Justification for AI in Heating Controls

As far as HVAC is concerned, building owners know it is all about the money. How can they reduce their energy usage the maximum amount possible, while still providing acceptable levels of comfort for their tenants?  Times of peak demand are the most expensive times to use energy and they occur when HVAC is needed the most. Some utilities also use a building’s highest peak in energy usage to set rates and apply costly demand fees. The capability to optimize the amount of energy used, the amount spent on energy and energy used during times of peak demands will greatly impact operating costs and hit your bottom line directly.

A Heating Control with 7th Generation AI – Worth its Weight in Platinum

Heat-Timer® has been ahead of the curve on the use of AI in its heating controls for almost a decade. Algorithm’s used in our premier Platinum Series control are currently 7th generation, and have been designed to actually learn the heating characteristics (loss rates, thermal loads, peak periods etc..) of your building. Armed with data through our diverse network of wireless sensors, heating profiles are created that allow us to anticipate usage in parts of your building and drive the operation of your boilers and/or domestic hot water supply accordingly.

Another benefit of the sophisticated AI in the Platinum Controls is that they are more plug & play than many HVAC professionals or building managers expect. When coupled with our motorized valves, these systems can be installed without complex training or hours spent configuring the control. They provide all alarms and parameters to authorized users right on their mobile phones, desktops or laptops, and so control and service calls in the middle of the night are all but eliminated.

The Heat-Timer Platinum Series Controls are at the top of the food chain when it comes to heating controls and AI. For more information please contact a Heat-Timer® representative today.