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Heat-Timer Genesis® is Now Available for Ordering!

Heat-Timer® Announces the Launch of 

Heat-Timer Genesis®

“A New Energy Management System for Small Buildings”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 1st, 2022                         

Heat-Timer® Corporation
Fairfield, New Jersey 

Heat-Timer®, a leader in commercial heating controls since 1937, announces the launch of their new product, Heat-Timer Genesis®. Heat-Timer Genesis® heating control is an extremely cost effective solution for both steam and hot water heating systems in single boiler applications (20 units or less). 

Heat-Timer Genesis® features a unique self-learning algorithm that incorporates outdoor air temperature along with in-unit ambient feedback to anticipate and compensate for the unique heat loss characteristics of your building.  With this self-learning feature in place, Heat-Timer Genesis® can regulate your building and provide up to 30% savings on monthly energy bills while improving resident comfort.  You pick the temperature you want your building to maintain, and the Heat-Timer Genesis® does the rest.  

Jeff Clerico, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, describes the Heat-Timer Genesis® online portal as a time-saver for building owners/managers. “Our user-friendly online portal and Mobile App allow complete and seamless visibility into all of your buildings remotely, to eliminate those unexpected and inconvenient trips to the boiler room.  You can modify all key heating parameters, receive important alerts via text or email, and check live apartment temperatures on the fly.”

Heat-Timer Genesis® is a true out of the box Energy Management System. In addition to getting your heat under control, the Heat-Timer Genesis® acts as the eyes and ears within your boiler room, alerting you in real-time when problems arise before residents are impacted.  From leak/flood detection and boiler health, to domestic hot water temperature and beyond, the Heat-Timer Genesis® has you covered.  

Heat-Timer Genesis® is now available for ordering. For more information on how Heat-Timer Genesis® can help your building please click the link below or call us directly at (973) 575-4004. https://www.heat-timer.com/ht_products/genesis/