Heat-Timer® Corporation
The GENESIS Heating Control

The Genesis Heat-Timer™ Heating Control System for Small Buildings

The Genesis Heat-Timer™ heating control is extremely cost effective for single boiler small commercial building applications like garden apartments, dormitories and resorts with less than 20 units. It can operate with either steam or hot water heating systems. Unlike other heating controls the Genesis Heat-Timer™ uses both outdoor reset and space sensor temperature feedback regulate boiler firing to achieve that perfect balance between energy savings and tenant comfort. Heat-Timer®’s self-learning control algorithms will learn and anticipate the unique thermal loss characteristics of your building to provide up to 30% savings on monthly energy costs while improving resident comfort throughout your building.

The Genesis Heat-Timer™ Control is completely internet and mobile friendly. Our mobile app allows you access to modification of all key heating parameters and alarms and reports can be threshold set and auto delivered to you through SMS, or email. Our internet portal allows you complete visibility into all your buildings, boiler rooms, and Heat-Timer® Controls, from a single place.

  • 24/7 remote access to your building from any computer, tablet or cell phone.
  • Real-Time Energy Management for full visibility of your heating system, apartment temperatures and more.
  • Email and text alerts notify you of problems before your residents are impacted.
  • Eliminate resident complaints by maintaining comfortable space temps.
  • Advanced self-learning algorithms anticipate boiler firing cycles for minimum fuel usage.
  • Cutting-edge long-range technology, eliminating the need for hallway repeaters.
  • 10+ year battery life for Space Sensors, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance.
  • Includes 3 pre-programmed wireless space temperature sensors with support for up to 5.

All Genesis Heat-Timer™ Controls have remote connectivity capabilities which allow complete visibility of your building or building portfolio from anywhere. These systems can send you real-time alerts for any alarm conditions that are important to you. With Genesis Heat-Timer™, you can validate heat complaints from afar, while saving big on fuel costs.

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