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Heat-Timer Genesis®
Heat-Timer Genesis®

The rebirth of energy saving technology for small buildings.

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Save money on energy costs
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Complete internet & mobile management
Self-learning algorithms reduce boiler operations for minimum fuel usage
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Faster ROI
Text/Email Alerts before Residents are Impacted
10+ year battery life for wireless space sensors

With the introduction of Heat-Timer Genesis®, small building owners have heating technology which is both affordable and delivers class leading energy savings.
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Save Money from Anywhere with
Heat-Timer Genesis®

• Heat-Timer Genesis® brings industry leading energy
savings technology to an Internet ready control that
works with both steam and hot water heating systems.

• 24/7 Remote Access to your building from any computer,
tablet or cell phone.

• Real-Time Energy Management for full visibility of your
heating system, apartment temperatures and more.

• Eliminate resident complaints by maintaining comfortable
space temperatures.

Email and text alerts notify you of problems before your
residents are impacted.

A cost effective Internet Boiler Control/Wireless Sensor
System for your smaller Multi-Family Buildings.

• Reduce fuel consumption up to 30% or more, resulting in
a quick Return on Investment (ROI).

• Helps your building go green by reducing its
carbon footprint.

Heat-Timer Genesis® is available now for your building. For ordering info, call

(973) 575-4004