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The Real Cost of Heating Controls

According to a new report from Pacific Northwest Group, the average commercial building spends over 50% of its energy costs on HVAC. And in the cooler northern areas of the country, most of that is certainly related to heating costs. Depending on the size of your facility, this can be thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of dollars every month.

Despite this there is often reluctance for building managers, apartments, schools and universities to undertake the cost of reworking their heating system to use some form of an Energy Management System. Large institutions budget carefully and well in advance and so the foresight to spend the upfront dollars is often not there. These professionals understand that boiler efficiency is part of cutting energy costs but the question is often “how much will I save”. Depending on your situation, that can be a hard question to answer, and an important one when considering the timeframe for payback on an HVAC system control upgrade or an even more extensive system overhaul.

Thoughts on Heating System Upgrades

As the premier manufacturer of commercial Heating Controls in the United States, we can confidently tell you that the cost of the actual control is not the problem for building managers. Most are happy to spring for the best heating control they can find (Heat Timer Platinum Series). This becomes insurance that you are getting the most savings potential, performance, and control flexibility out of your heating control system investment.

Instead, the issue is often the ancillary costs of a heating system upgrade that get considered along with the control. Depending on the age of your building and mechanical equipment, you may be considering new boilers, new piping, replacing aged radiators, a domestic hot water upgrade, valve replacements etc… Once building managers start down the road of upgrades, everything tends to get looked at and the final bill can be daunting and become a reason to do nothing at all.

But the real cost of Heating Controls, is the cost of doing nothing.  That’s a cost you pay each and every month. It comes right off your bottom line, long after the upfront cost of a system install would have been amortized by your accountants.

A Solution to Managing Up Front Costs

Another thing we can say from experience is that the improvement in energy usage provided by a new Heating Control system is typically both the cheapest, yet most impactful move you can make toward reducing your energy bill. With systems like the Heat-Timer Platinum series, you don’t have to replace everything all at once to see savings. Because our systems are so intelligent and flexible, the system you install today can be easily reconfigured to run at maximum efficiency, for that replacement boiler you buy next year.

Hey, you can buy it with all the money you saved from the installation of the heating control!

For more information on what kinds of savings you can expect from the installation of a Heat-Timer® control, call our team today.