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The Road to Smart Building Management

Buildingnet Internet boiler management heat-timer®

Savvy building owners and managers are watching the growth in intelligent systems, artificial intelligence and IOT devices with great interest. For most, the move to smarter buildings isn’t so much a question of if, as a question of when. So every investment in energy savings these days is also put through this lens, especially your investment in heating system upgrades. Sure it’s great that they save me money now, but will they integrate and work with the increasing capability of technology related to building energy management? Are they to some degree, future proof?

Smart buildings

A traditional building management system (BMS) can control the various systems like lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and security systems, all integrated into a single system, and can be operated and monitored via central console or via the internet. Imagine a command center from which you can see every component of an office building – this is what a smart building is. The main control system enables each system to work together, gather real-time data, share information with other systems, increase efficiency, and enhance performance.  Smart buildings are ideal for building managers who want to streamline their control systems and enhance efficiency and security, because smart buildings use data and analytics and now, AI,  to automatically adjust the performance of one or all systems. 

Heat-Timer® Platinum Series products have long been integrated in BMS’s owing to their support for standards.  Industry standard interfaces such as BACnet are used by the vast majority of BMS system builders and integrators. As long as your devices provide data in this industry standard way, these systems will be able to understand, present, alert, and someday perhaps even supplement the control functionality. For now though, you can think of a BMS like a rear admiral, and your Heat-Timer Control® as the front line captain of your boilers, regulating firing cycles efficiently, providing data and control points for the boilers and domestic hot water of your smart building.  While Heat-Timer® controls can operate standalone, they can also interface to your full building management system (BMS) now, or in the future. With available software upgrades, your Platinum controls will also stay updated with the evolution of the Bacnet standard.

Save Money Now, be Unafraid of the Future

Converting your building into a smart building doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in expensive equipment or replace any of your existing systems. You can take the first step by considering small upgrades to each of the major systems and make sure they have a roadmap to future standards based integration.

For your heating systems, an upgrade to a Heat-Timer® Platinum boiler control not only is future proof, but it is simple. For more information on why Heat-Timer® is a smart investment for your smart building, please contact our team today.