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The Word On Wireless Sensors

For maximum flexibility in the implementation of heating controls in both old and new buildings, wireless sensor technology has become the key. This technology makes for ease of installation and ensures your heating control can monitor all elements of your system so it has all the information it needs to run your boilers most efficiently.

A ready example is the Heat-Timer Wireless Network Sensor System for our platinum series controls. These wireless sensors can be mounted virtually anywhere. By adding new Transceivers/Routers to the wireless network, the system can get temperature, pressure and other data from areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. A major advantage of the Heat-Timer Wireless Network Sensor System is its Transceiver /Router capability to communicate and exchange data with other Transceivers/Routers on the same network, breaking many wireless barriers that existed in other systems. The entire system runs at 900MHZ for improved performance and range.

An Example of our Platinum Control with Wireless Sensors in Action

Using the flexibility of our wireless space sensors not only helps with installation but allows them to serve as excellent debugging tools in old buildings with complicated steam or hot water distribution systems.

One of our HVAC Partners reported a situation where apartments in the North and Southeast of a building were reporting vastly different temperatures. By using our Space Sensors to do some sleuthing in conjunction with the Heat-Timer® ICMS, the team found the old building to have an odd distribution system. This system was causing some apartments to be fed steam from two different sources. The situation was exacerbated by the southern exposure causing 86 degree temperatures in some spaces while certain spaces on the northern side of the building never reached a comfortable temperature.

By using the remote monitoring features of our Platinum Multi-Mod Control, the mechanical team was able to slowly move space sensors all over the building to tweak the Heat Timer control using our SRC control, and the many fine tuning features built into our control software and ICMS. Only Heat-Timer Controls provide this kind of detailed parameter control and monitoring over so many elements of your heating system, making them the only real solution to complex distribution in older buildings.

The World is Wireless, Your Heating Control Sensors should be too.

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