Heat-Timer® Corporation

Things are Heating Up!

Winter is always the busiest time of year for the crew at Heat-Timer®, between helping clients get the most out of their heating controls, to answering questions, to helping our industry partners get the equipment and parts they need from our factory here in Fairfield New Jersey, well you get the idea. 

And this year saw a new level of crazy, with the introduction of the Heat-Timer Genesis®, our brand new internet heating control designed specifically for small buildings. We knew we had a winner with this control but only a few months after its introduction, it’s clear that small building owners think so too.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and not actively reading our blog, allow us to recap:

The Heat-Timer Genesis® Heating Control

In September we announced the availability of the Heat-Timer Genesis®, a brand new heating control. Genesis is designed with capabilities and pricing that allow buildings of less than 20 units to take advantage of the same money saving potential of our world leading Platinum series controls. All for a fraction of the up front installation costs.

The Genesis unit uses the same class leading, self learning control software as our Platinum series, but has more affordable features and packaging that allow small building owners to reap the benefits of up to 30% off their heating bills. With the reduced cost of the system, that allows most small building owners to recover the cost of the equipment and installation in the first full season of use.

The Genesis is designed to run a single steam or hot water boiler based heating system. The control utilizes outdoor temperature (outdoor reset) and wireless room sensor data from your building to develop a profile of heat loss around your building. These data points are rolled into a software algorithm that allows the Genesis to learn your buildings heat loss characteristics. The Genesis will then anticipate need and control boiler firing to achieve that perfect balance between resident comfort and energy usage.

Mobile App Access

A mobile app! The free Heat-Timer® Mobile app, and internet portal provide insight into your entire portfolio of buildings. You can monitor temperatures, change parameters, monitor alarm conditions, and generate historical data all from the comfort of your couch. 

You can Heat things Up Too.

Yes we are certainly busy, and every year we wonder why folks don’t install our controls in the summer months, but that’s human nature. If you are like everyone else and feeling the pinch of this winter, it’s not too late to get a Heat-Timer® into your building and put it to work for you. With our wireless sensors installation is a snap.

So come in out of the cold! Call us to find out more. (973)575-4004 Ext #2