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Understanding Commercial Tempering Valve Systems

As most HVAC professionals already know, tempering valves (sometimes referred to as hot water mixing valves or thermostatic mixing valves) are used to blend hot and cold water together in a domestic hot water delivery system. The resultant water at a reduced temperature is sent through the delivery system at exactly the right temperature for use at the sink, the shower etc.

Mixing valves like this solve a particular problem in the delivery of hot water in large buildings, during periods of peak demand. Hot water in the storage tank must be kept above 140 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Yet water at this temperature would instantly scald and burn anyone putting their hand under it.  By mixing the hot with cold water, and monitoring the “set point” temperature carefully, these valves ensure that water at the desired set point is delivered to users at all times and under all load conditions. See our discussion for a detailed explanation of the issues surrounding domestic hot water control and tempering valve operation.

In applications at hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, day care centers, schools, factories and universities, the mixing valve function is super critical, providing both tenant comfort and avoiding the injuries (and lawsuits) that come with a broken delivery system. In these applications, motorized tempering valve solutions with associated computer controls, are overwhelmingly preferred by commercial plumbing professionals due to their increased temperature accuracy, ability to adjust dynamically to load conditions, and better fail-safe capability.

How to choose a Motorized Tempering Valve Solution

Heat-Timer® introduced its first motorized tempering valve solutions over 2 decades ago and after thousands of deployments, we’ve developed a complete understanding of what professionals look for when designing or upgrading domestic hot water solutions. The ETV Platinum Plus is now the most sophisticated, and reliable motorized mixing valve in the world because it incorporates everything that professionals in the field have asked us for into its design.

  1. A stainless steel valve body.
  2. Motor does not come in contact with water at all.
  3. Sensor accuracy is close to 1 degree Fahrenheit.
  4. Full PID logic implementation quickly restores water temperature even after large changes in load conditions.
  5. Unlike standalone valves, the Heat-Timer® ETV platinum plus can shut down water flow at both the valve and the primary supply, offering better protection against scalding in safety critical applications.
  6. Can provide both alarm condition detection as well as temperature control (ETV Combo)
  7. Comes in a fully plumbed version, the ETS (Electronic Tempering Station) that makes installation as simple as connecting hot and cold water.
  8. Control can be placed up to 500 feet away from valve for centralized monitoring with easy to read display.

Domestic Hot Water Solutions Designed with Plumbing Professionals in Mind

For busy plumbing professionals who want maximum ease of installation, Heat-Timer® also offers the Electronic Valve Station (ETS). This station effectively incorporates the ETV motorized tempering valve into a completely pre-plumbed assembly that includes the fully integrated control module. Simply connect hot and cold water and plug it in. Then program your set point and you are up and running. This solution is available in all standard piping sizes directly from the factory without need for special ordering.

For more information on our complete line of motorized tempering valves and domestic hot water system solutions, call our team today.