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Understanding Remote Connectivity through Heat-Timer BuildingNet

The world’s most advanced Heating controller got even better and more capable with the introduction of the Heat-Timer® Platinum Series. With Internet connectivity available as an upgrade, building owners and managers are now able to monitor, and adjust their heating controls from the comfort of a mobile app, or via our website accessible to any device connected to the internet.

The software is designed to present information integrated from many different Platinum controls, housed in many different boiler rooms, buildings, or multiple addresses. If you are a building management company with many buildings in your portfolio, it is possible to see all your properties neatly organized into a hierarchy that allows you to drill down into individual controls, or get summary reports on your buildings or properties. You can also set alarms that notify you of a wide variety of conditions in the building before they become critical.  All remotely accessible, with frequency and thresholds all perfectly under your control.

While all this software and connectivity is impressive and a massive convenience, many users of platinum controls don’t realize that internet connectivity is only half of the BuildingNet upgrade. The rest of the upgrade goes beyond the internet, and deep into your building where the real money is being wasted.

BuildingNet Connectivity also enables wireless sensor connectivity inside your building

The real value of BuildingNet in terms of payback, comes from the internal network of sensors that it enables inside your building. This is the second half of the connectivity provided by the upgrade, and is not an IP network but a completely separate wireless network.

When you upgrade your Platinum control to BuildingNet, you also enable a proprietary internal 900MHZ wireless network, similar to those used in your home for wireless handsets on your landline. By using our MSI Hub and wireless repeaters as necessary in your building we are able to create a sensor network that feeds our platinum controller real-time information on hot and cold spots in the building. The sensors used to send this information are known as our Wireless Space Sensor.

Why Does Using Space Sensors Save Me So Much Additional Money on Fuel Costs?

The short answer to this question is simply that by having specific building data points, more precise boiler control is enabled. Every building loses heat differently, sun/wind exposure, drafty windows, etc. The control is now able to learn the heat loss characteristics of your building adjust itself automatically. Please note that this is all in addition to the data provided by standard outdoor reset features which are important, but not enough to get building owners that last 20 or so percent of fuel savings through improvements in the efficiency of managing boiler firing cycles.

Typically, installers will specify a certain amount of room sensors based on the layout and configuration of your building. Once enabled, these sensors send back temperature information that allows our control to create detailed performance curves for every area of your building. These curves inform the control with data on heat loss and hot spots in every area of your building. With a more detailed understanding of building heating profiles, our controller software can keep all areas of your building comfortable for the least amount of money possible.  All while increasing tenant comfort!

Consider Upgrading Your Platinum Control Today

There are even more powerful functions and features available through BuildingNet than we can cover here. For instance, there are other wireless sensors, like water meters, gas sensors, boiler lockout, flood alarms, and more, that are enabled by the BuildingNet upgrade and then visible via the website or mobile app.

With BuildingNet, you have a true building management system, for your heating system and related components, without the huge expense of integrating one.

If you own a Platinum control or are considering one, Heat-Timer® strongly recommends the upgrade to BuildingNet. To learn more, visit our website at: https://www.heat-timer.com/