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We’re all Steamed Up about our MPC Platinum

For the many owners and managers of older steam heated commercial buildings across the country, you may wish you could update your heating system to a more modern and efficient type of heating. The problem of course is that wholesale conversion of an existing steam heating system in an older building is likely to be extremely expensive, if not logistically impossible, and in many cases, probably unnecessary. 

In New York city alone, the non-profit Urban Green Council estimates that steam still heats as many as 80% of New York City’s residential multifamily buildings, as well as tens of thousands of other commercial properties across the north-east and midwestern United States. Despite the difficulty of major upgrades here, Local Law 97 is still demanding that these building owners reduce their carbon footprint or face stiff fines this year.

It turns out that for years, building owners like you have been turning to Heat-Timer® to take a big bite out of steam heating costs with our Platinum Series MPC Heating Control. Here’s just a few reasons to consider an MPC before you consider any other type of update to your steam heating system.

Heat-Timer® MPC Platinum leads the pack in Energy Performance.

For a single steam boiler application, or a single two-way steam valve, the MPC provides industry leading steam management. Utilizing Heat-Timer’s advanced self learning algorithms it varies the duration of the steam supply based on the outdoor temperature as well as a number of indoor temperature sensors located in the residents living space. This gives the control a full picture of the thermal loss characteristics of your specific building that keeps getting smarter over time. The net result is a system that delivers perfect, programmable comfort to residents, while using the least possible energy to do it.

Key Features of the Heat-Timer® MPC Steam Heating Control

Even building owners who bought our controls as recently as a few years ago, will find that there are improvements and field upgrades that can create even more energy savings, while being incredibly easy to install.

Our Internet Communications Upgrade is key, bringing both a wireless temperature sensor capability, and an internet/mobile connectivity to our control. With the additional building temperature sensor data the control achieves a new level of intelligence in its ability to save on fuel consumption. While typical fuel savings in this configuration are around 30% we have seen situations where building owners were able to cut their fuel consumption in half while improving resident comfort.

Keep in mind that Heat-Timer has steam controls for other steam system configurations including multiple staging steam boilers (MPC-Q), multiple full-modulation steam boilers (Multi-Mod), and even vacuum steam systems (SRC).

Please call our team directly to find out what kind of control is right for your building.