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What is a Smart Building

As we all strive to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, commercial buildings are under pressure to use more sustainable HVAC control systems that reduce impact on the environment, eliminate excess energy usage, and provide a comfortable environment for everyone in the building.  You may have heard the phrases “connected building” or “smart building”, so what do these phrases mean and what qualifies a commercial building as being “smart”?

Smart buildings

In a smart building, the various systems like lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and security systems are integrated into a single system, and can be operated and monitored via the internet. Imagine a command center from which you can see every component of an office building – this is what a smart building is. The main control system enables each system to work together, gather real-time data, share information with other systems, increase efficiency, and enhance performance.  Smart buildings are ideal for office managers and building managers who want to streamline their control systems and enhance management efficiency, because smart buildings use data and analytics to automatically adjust the performance of one or all systems. 

Heat-Timer® Platinum Series products are actually a perfect fit for your smart building. You can think of them as a subcontractor for all your heating control needs, providing data, alarms, and control points for the boilers and domestic hot water of your smart building.  They can operate standalone, or can interface to your full building management system (BMS) through industry standard interfaces such as Bacnet and ModBus.  Even if you’re not ready for a full smart building conversion yet, a Heat-Timer® control can save you money on energy starting today, while road-mapping perfectly into any BMS you may implement in the future.

Benefits of a smart system for commercial buildings:

  • Increased efficiency.  When all systems are merged into a single control center and real-time data is made available in a single place, many aspects of building management are simplified. Heat-Timer® Platinum products actually provide this portal and centralized internet management for the heating functions of your building when used as a standalone.  
  • Smart buildings provide a more comfortable atmosphere (air temperature, humidity levels).  We’ve all been in an apartment building where the north side is too cold in the winter but on the south side all the residents have their windows open.  Smart buildings using sophisticated Heat-Timer® Controls and wireless temperature sensors, regulate the optimal temperature for each part of your building, while using the minimum fuel to do it. 
  • Cost savings due to all systems being merged being able to proactively identify areas for energy reduction or maintenance needs. 
  • Reduced downtime thanks to built-in diagnostics and threshold based alarms.  When all your systems can report on their status, you don’t have to make those midnight trips to the boiler room. 
  • Easier for contractors to carry out maintenance and repairs. All systems require maintenance and repairs over the years, and with a smart building, your contractor can use the data and analytics to identify the problems and proactively prevent future breakdowns. 
  • Smart systems consolidate information and systems like the Heat-Timer® Platinum series Internet Controls, go further and provide you this information in any form.  Internet portal, text based alarms, or our mobile app. The quality of life for heating technicians and building managers just got a lot better!

Smart Heating Control Systems are a key Money Saver in Your Smart Building

Converting your building into a smart building doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in expensive equipment or replace any of your existing systems. You can take the first step by considering small upgrades to each of the major systems. 

For your heating systems, an upgrade to a Heat-Timer® platinum boiler control is simple because almost everything is wireless and internet based. There are even rebate programs that may be available through your utility company, making the payback on your upfront investment even faster.

For more information on how Heat-Timer makes your smart building even smarter, please contact our team today. https://www.heat-timer.com