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What to do if your Commercial Heating System Breaks Down

When its cold outside and your commercial heating system suddenly stops working, you’ve got an emergency on your hands. Whether you’re running an apartment building, an office space, a retail mall or school, you need to act quickly to avoid downtime. That’s the time to call your preferred commercial HVAC company and get the problem dealt with as quickly as possible.

Often times however the news is not good, particularly if this is the 4th time your 20 year old boiler system has gone AWOL this year. Chances are that the following things are true about your boiler system

  1. It will continue to break down and require expensive repairs that are just band-aids on a larger problem.
  2. It will soon be or already is, energy inefficient compared to today’s equipment. So essentially your heating bill is costing you money each and every month.
  3. As the building manager, you will continue to live a stressful, sleep deprived life, full of midnight calls from irate tenants and landlords, or running around adjusting steam valve settings every time there is a new weather report.

Instead, the opportunity exists for you to upgrade and replace elements of your entire heating system including the boiler and distribution system, with modern designs that solve these problems and more. Depending on the size of your apartment complex or building, the initial investment can pay itself back in a matter of months or a year leaving you to enjoy ongoing energy savings and a better quality of life.

Planning for your Long Overdue Heating Upgrade

While commercial boilers have become ever more efficient over the last 20 years, in large building configurations, it is the orchestration of multiple boilers in an intelligent and anticipatory way that is primarily responsible for keeping money in your pocket. Heating control systems, integrated with wireless sensors and motorized valves, have become the tools we use to both control our boiler systems, and anticipate problems before they occur. In a best-in-class heating control system like the heat timer platinum series, features like outdoor reset, and wireless alarm and control alerts delivered to your cell phone, have taken the sting out of midnight visits to the boiler room.

When considering a comprehensive upgrade to your building heating system, inclusion of a best in class heating control system is the key to maximizing your energy savings now, and into the future. Heat-Timer systems are the high end of heating control for sure, but they will save you more each month than any other heating control system you will find. They are the only systems with true “learning algorithms” that learn the heating characteristics of your building over time. The additional monthly savings allow you to recoup your up front investment quickly and then its all straight to your bottom line.

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