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Why Heat-Timer Controls are Considered Part of a Green Heating Solution

While “green solutions” are often looked at as renewable energy or recycled materials, in the building heating controls industry, this includes solutions that save the customer in overall energy consumption. Less energy used typically means less energy produced which means lower carbon footprint, less pollution from dirty energy sources, etc…

And incidentally, the other meaning of “Green” applies too. Heat-Timer Controls save building operators money, usually big money on yearly heating costs.

The need to maintain heating system efficiency is key creating a green solution. Heat Timer® control systems can offer just that, putting the customer’s mind at ease knowing they’re participating in a green movement, decreasing energy consumption, and extending the life of their boiler and associated subsystems by lowering maintenance and replacement costs.

Why is my Heating System Not Already “Green”?

After a building has been designed and commissioned, there are a number of ways a control system can become inefficient or be forced out of calibration. Many systems even those with newer more efficient boilers, lack the central brain to control and manage a large distributed system, resulting in midnight visits to the boiler room after irate tenant phone calls, just like it was 100 years ago.

Normally, a system will undergo a retro-commissioning or recommissioning effort every 5-10 years. This includes a full building energy audit study of a facility, finding places in the system where inefficiencies have developed over time. This can include: boiler control resets, boiler lockouts, outside air resets, domestic hot water storage leaks, and the list goes on. The point is, this is a lengthy, time consuming and costly endeavor that could easily be avoided through the use of a modern Heating Control system.

Some ways you could save energy using an automated control system:

  1. Instead of placing your boiler on a time-clock, starting and stopping operation at certain times throughout the day, placing a boiler on an optimized start-up and shutdown schedule could drastically save you reheat or overheat energy.
  2. Boilers are often controlled only by space temperature, return temperature or time-clocks alone. With an automated control system, a boiler can also be controlled by outside air reset configurations. This is where the boiler senses outside air temperatures, and adjusts preheating building conditions to plan for colder days. It can preheat during off-peak hours, not only producing gas savings, but peak cost savings as well.
  3. Boiler control systems can lack proper valve automations requiring building techs to manually maintain valve settings. With Heat-Timers® tempered hot water control valves installed, the system can plan for tenant operations based on historical trend data. They can preheat storage tanks in the morning instead of time-of-use and can send tempered water to fixtures that use more volume daily, saving on large domestic hot water loop energy losses.
  4. Heat-Timer Systems can also save people energy. With our completely digital interfaces through mobile devices and the internet, most alarms and setting can be received or modified remotely, leading to a better quality of life for building managers and technicians, not to mention their tenants who get faster response to issues.

Our Heat-Timer® contractors are trained professionals, who specialize in just that. Providing cutting edge HVAC automated “green” solutions, decreasing the customer’s overall energy consumption, and allowing the customer to work about their day-to-day operations hassle free and comfortably.

To find a Heat-Timer® contractor near you, use our national contractor finder, or call our team today.