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Why Heating Control Systems May Be Your Best Investment This Winter

When winter approaches the operators of commercial buildings and apartments prepare for the high cost of energy during cold months. Heating systems across the country come alive and for many, a season of soul crushing angst as the complex interplay of multiple boiler rooms and irate tenants conspire to make you look forward to spring.

As a smart commercial building manager, you are aware of all the band-aid solutions to heating inefficiency, better door and window insulation, smarter thermostats, pro-active steam-valve management, etc… but despite the expense and effort of implementing these systems, the big dollar savings may still elude you. You’ve got an orchestra full of instruments, but you’re playing all the parts yourself.

Heating Control Systems Could be Your Missing Link

Energy Management Systems like the Heat-Timer® Platinum Series, may be the key to solving many of the boiler management challenges of your energy consumption.

For instance, old buildings may have older steam heating systems with their noisy radiators and such. While new construction has largely left these steam systems behind in favor of more modern solutions, old steam heating systems can still be made much more cost effective to operate through installation of high efficiency boilers and an intelligent control system.

Systems provided by Heat-Timer can be configured to control and integrate many parts of your Heating, Cooling, or Domestic Hot Water solution. With features like wireless sensors, motorized valve integration, outdoor reset, and intelligent learning algorithms, they are the most advanced controls on the market, suitable for any building and any boiler configuration.

Control Features include:

  • Integrated Platinum Series hydronic controls are chosen to efficiently meet specific building heating needs by expert HVAC installers.
  • Solutions for condensing, non-condensing, and hybrid boiler applications
  • Boiler sequencing and modulation – operates boilers at their peak efficiencies.
  • Water meter surveillance.
  • Typical systems have day/night programming with definable peak load and light load intervals.
  • Heat-Timer solutions can integrate pumps, motorized valves, dampers and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) controls
  • Minimizes cycling thereby saving fuel on new and retrofit boiler applications.

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