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Wireless Sensors for Heating Controls: The Next Level of Comfort and Energy Efficiency

The introduction of advanced long range wireless sensors for our internet heating controls has become an important way to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. 

One of the most significant benefits of long range wireless sensors for heating is that they are easy to install and maintain. Unlike traditional wired sensors, wireless sensors do not require any cables or wires to be run, making them much less expensive and time-consuming to install even in very old buildings. Add to that the extended range and extended battery life of our current sensors and you have a formula for one of the most simple to setup, yet sophisticated heating control systems out there.

Additionally, the long range wireless sensors provide real-time data accessible on any internet capable control. This allows our heating control systems to make more informed decisions about how to operate, which can lead to significant energy savings.

Long Range Wireless Sensors Enhance Your Heating Control System

  • Set it and forget it.  The sensors monitor the temperature in different areas of your building and adjust the boiler firing cycles automatically.
  • Works in concert with the outdoor reset functions of your Heat-Timer ® Control to improve the efficiency of boiler firing.
  • Improves resident comfort by reporting temperature readings from problematic areas of your building.
  • Provides graphical history of space temperatures to combat potential heating complaints with real data.

Wireless Temperature Sensors Come with a Remote Management Capability

Any of our heating controls with long range wireless sensors also comes with our Building Net remote management system. This provides real-time desktop and/or mobile app access to all buildings and boiler rooms that are using either a Genesis Heat-Timer ®, or a Platinum series control with internet upgrade.

Everyone wants a Heat-Timer® to save money on heating bills, we get that. But building management companies, HVAC technicians, and building maintenance personnel quickly grow to love how easy it is to see what is going on with their boilers and heating costs during the heating season. All from the comfort of wherever they are. Alarms can be set on a wide variety of parameters with adjustable thresholds which can prevent both resident complaints and costly repairs or breakdowns.

Go Wireless Today

If you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency and performance of your boiler operations, a Heat-Timer Genesis ® control for small buildings, or a Heat-Timer®  Platinum series Internet control is a great option. 

Contact the team at Heat-Timer and we can answer your questions and recommend a qualified HVAC contractor in your area for installation in time for this winter.