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What “Penny Wise & Pound Foolish” says about Domestic Hot Water Solutions

The actual phrase “penny wise, and pound foolish” is often mistakenly credited to Benjamin Franklin, but it actually originated with an Oxford Scholar named Robert Burton in his book, “The Anatomy of Melancholy” written in 1621! Needless to say, in 1621 domestic hot water wasn’t even a thing. It was before the advent of electricity, multi-story distributed hot water systems, Read More

Tankless Water Heater Installation Safety

Recently we asked the head of one of the larger Commercial HVAC companies in northern New Jersey, whether they used a standard 3-way mixing valve when installing commercial tankless water heaters. “No,  you don’t need one…” was his answer. His opinion is not uncommon. It is also dead wrong. As the technology of commercial Instantaneous Water Heaters and heat exchanger Read More